When I'm not creating Audio Interactive Fiction, I'm also creating more traditional fiction. I've published one book, with another on the way, and I'm starting to publish my short stories. Right now my selection may look a bit sparse, but I intend to add more in the near future.

In my first novel, Guardians of Suncast Dale, Dathanial Hawke can't decide what's worse. The fact that he is caught up in the mystery of why the apparitions of four dead heroes are haunting the land of Suncast Dale. The fact that his only helpers on this investigation appear to be crazy. The fact that anything he does might inadvertently lead to a military coup. Or the fact that someone keeps trying to kill him. Yet he perseveres in the face of it all, and what he discovers proves to be more terrifying than even he imagined. Not just for Suncast Dale, but also for himself.

There is no shortage of fantastic adventure, mystery, intrigue, and romance for our hero. If he survives, he may never be the same.

In my first short story, we discover why time travel is really a giant pain in the ass, more trouble than it's worth, really. One person learns that lesson the hard way.

My upcoming followup to Guardians of Suncast Dale. A small fortress lies deep in the desert. It's said that no one who sets foot in it after sundown will live to see the sunrise. Naturally, this is the perfect place to hold a contest to see who is brave enough, strong enough, or stupid enough to test their mettle. Who will win: the contestants, or the Fortress of the Dark Heart?