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This is my website for fun and geeky things. You can find my audio interactive adventure as well as my other fiction. It's also where you can find a few great shirts and bumper stickers. Have fun. 


In this audio interactive adventure, you find yourself in a strange situation with no memory of how you got there or even where you are. From this point on, you choose how the story plays out. There are many paths available to you, each one full of danger and mystery. Will you escape? Will you solve the mystery of your missing days? Will you even survive? The choice is up to you. You can experience this mystery on YouTube
(Just make sure you've got annotations enabled or it will be a very short experience.)

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Featured Shirt

This shirt gives you a basic armor class of 10, which means it really won’t give you any advantages should you be face to face with an orc or a troll or even a kobold. You are definitely not equipped to face a beholder or a mind flayer. Let the rest of your party go first.

Featured Bumper Sticker

A relationship is serious business, and one of the big steps is starting to read each other's blogs. But that's a lot of work, so instead of doing that, let's just pretend that we read each other's blogs.